With a focus on women's agency on screen, Alexa Seligman's work interrogates and reimagines the status quo. Her art explores themes of feminism and social justice including mothering, intimacy and attachment, the capitalist and patriarchal medicalisation of women's bodies and our evolving relationship to the natural world.
Alexa began to focus her practice as an artist following the birth of her child in 2016. Undertaking an Artist Residency in Motherhood, her first work 'The Artist Mother, an Exquisite Corpse' was a collaboration with writer Line Langebek, presented at the University of Westminster in October 2016 (accompanied by a 7 week babe in arms - thankfully it is possible to breastfeed whilst operating Premiere Pro). Her next moving image piece 'Nude' (2018) arose from a collaboration with composer Donna McKevitt, who proposed that they reinvent Marcel Duchamp's 1912 painting 'Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2'. 'Nude' premiered at Mayfair Art Weekend in 2018, screened on a continual loop at 17 Albemarle Street. There followed another collaboration, 'HERA', with architect and curator Lily Jencks and her voluminous design Powis Cloud. 'HERA' premiered at the London Short Film Festival in 2022.
Prior to becoming an artist, Alexa was a film producer, running her own company and producing and executive producing a number of UK and international feature films. Her experiences of life behind the camera and of women's portrayal on the big screen have greatly informed her artist practice and her interest in exploring women's agency on-screen. This side of her work has continued since 2023 with a new production company, Heliotrope Screen Media, and these strands of her existence continue to inform each in new and exciting ways.

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