Voice NFT Residency 2022
Drawn to the bright lights of digital innovation, I began creating NFTs in 2022 and did a residency with Voice.com. You can find out more about my NFT collection here.
HERA at LSFF 2022
Truly delighted that HERA is screening in the BONDED section of the London Short Film Festival, after two years ON ICE. An event curated by T A P E Collectivealongside some fantastic films and moving image works.
 HERA on maternalart.com
In March 2020, post was completed on HERA and we entered the first lockdown. HERA, made with architect and curator Lily Jencks, is about the Greek Goddess Hera, giving birth alone to her son Hephaestus. As the demands of the pandemic caused medical professionals to place the most exigent restrictions on mothers and other birthing people during their births, forcing many to give birth without their partners, the piece took on a new resonance. I blogged about this for maternal art.com. You can read the full blog here: https://maternalart.com/blog/2020/07/12/hera/​​​​​​​

                                                                                                                                                                                    Image: HERA, Alexa Seligman, 2022

Interview in Women Cinemakers Magazine
I had a chance to chat in depth to Women Cinemakers about my moving image practice and the creation of NUDE in 2018.

full interview with WomenCinemakers on p174

                                                                                                                                                        Image: Collecting Galls, Alexa Seligman, 2019

Iron Gall Ink
Collecting galls in Richmond park this autumn with friends, as the dog dug rich red earth from the base of the oak, covering the children, much to their delight. Months later, a rich ferment still redolent of the earth. Then, with the addition of iron sulphide and lotus pond water, gallons of blue-black ink for writing, drawing, thinking.
'Nude' at Mayfair Art Weekend
After a fantastic journey of post production with Bubble TV and executive producer Kabir Malik, 'Nude' is finally complete, screening at Mayfair Art Weekend at 17 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4HP. 
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